Grand Prix d’Amour

proudly presents:

The Oral Archive of
The Future Dead 

an Installation by Nicholas Bussmann
in commission of the Jut Art Museum Taipei
for the group show: 《LIVES: Life, Survival, Living

photo:  Nicholas Bussmann

LIVES: Life, Survival, Living
curated by: Escher Tsai, Amy Cheng


  • ividual inc. / 
  • SUPERFLEX (Denmark)
  • Nicholas Bussmann (Germany)
  • Lynn Hershman Leeson (U.S.A)
  • Joyce Ho (Taiwan)
  • Ed Atkins (U.K)
  • Sheryl Cheung (Taiwan)
  • Charlotte Jarvis (U.K)
  • Bo Zheng (China)
  • Peter Sasowsky (U.S.A)
  • Tim Wei (Taiwan)
  • Kuang-Yi Ku (Taiwan)

  • opening 19.March 2022
    till July 31st 2022

    Max Linz – L’Etat et Moi Berlinale Premiere 12.2.2022

    featuring a scene with Cottbusser Chor  !

    • Germany / 2022
      85 min

    Kapital Band 1

    proudly presents their new album:

    Internationale Solidarität

    this autumn Kapital Band 1 will play three concerts presenting the new album

    11.Nov.2021 Echoraum Wien
    12.Nov.2021 Alternative Prague
    13.Nov.2021 KM28 Berlin

    you may order the new album here