Grand Prix d’Amour Productions
proudly presents:

Nicholas Bussmann – Kosmoskopien

HKW Berlin 2021
curated by Anselm Franke

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Wandering Dunes Installation with players & performers
photos Sebastian Bolesch
photos Sebastian Bolesch
photos Sebastian Bolesch
Wandering Dunes is an installation, it is a performance and it is a game. The game may be played by the visitors. These figures in sands are moments of the game in transition created by visitors/players. More information on this ongoing project you will find here
Dachs Kirsche Schuh 2021 
a mobilé

Gouache paintings of the clouds: Lucile Desamory
Technical realisation: Michael Haarmann
Revolution Songs in an AI Environment 2018    
installation with a piano robot and scrolling text LEDs

piano robot by Winfried Ritsc

photos: Laura Fiorio photos: Sebastian Bolesch