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working note 01
// small crowd

The Cottbusser Chor is by German definition not a choir, seven singers are too few for that. Yet seven are just enough to get out of the dynamics of small constellations: Duo, Trio, Quartet.
Seven people is the smallest crowd !The Cottbusser Chor, as a small crowd, claims to represent a social orders.
But is it even possible to make music together in front of an audience and not represent a social order ?
Is it even possible to hear the sound of music and not perceive it as a higher order of existence ?

Maybe music always evokes an existing or desired social order, from marches to love songs, from liturgical chants to revolutionary songs. It often plays a double game, for example the lyrics of many revolutionary songs invoke a new order, while the music performatively confirms the old.

How should the musicians and the audience be organized today so that they can imagine new forms of society?