Grand Prix d’Amour Productions
proudly presents:

Wandering Dunes 002   

Exhibition & Performance 
Museu Serralves Porto / Portugal 2018
curated by Pedro Rocha

Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Nicholas Bussmann
Singing Yesterday’s News Again

Installation with 7 channel audio, installation view Berlin 2021

The installation is based on a radio project for the ducumenta14 radio at SAVVY Contemporary 2018. The Installation has been commisioned by Taxispalais Kunhalle Tirol. 
Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol 2018
Beirut Art Center 2019
Goethe Institut Paris 2019
Kunstverein Tiergarten 2021

Nicholas Bussmann – Kosmoskopien

HKW Berlin 2021
curated by Anselm Franke

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Wandering Dunes Installation with players & performers
photos Sebastian Bolesch
photos Sebastian Bolesch
photos Sebastian Bolesch
Wandering Dunes is an installation, it is a performance and it is a game. The game may be played by the visitors. These figures in sands are moments of the game in transition created by visitors/players. More information on this ongoing project you will find here
Dachs Kirsche Schuh 2021 
a mobilé

Gouache paintings of the clouds: Lucile Desamory
Technical realisation: Michael Haarmann
Revolution Songs in an AI Environment 2018    
installation with a piano robot and scrolling text LEDs

piano robot by Winfried Ritsc

photos: Laura Fiorio photos: Sebastian Bolesch

Nicholas Bussmann – Amelica

Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol
Innsbruck / Austria 2018
curated by Nina Tabassomi

photos: Guenter Kresser