Grand Prix d’Amour Productions
proudly presents:

let’s claim a past, a now, a future

29.7.-3.11 2024
Nicholas Bussmann solo show
curated by Pedro Rocha
Museu Serralves Porto

Trailer of Lucile Desamory's new movie !!

De wervelende wirwar/The Swirling Tangle (2024) unfolds across twelve chapters, tracing Yokeh's journey amidst a solar eclipse in Aalst, Belgium, where the elliptical structure of her memories evolves into a profound confrontation. Portrayed by the renowned actress Joke Devynck, Yokeh, a soap opera star, is meticulously observed in the tapestry of her everyday existence. An ageing, crackling voiceover comments on Yokeh's actions and encounters, yet the narrator's desperate attempts to steer events prove mostly futile. The story takes an irreversible turn as the sun vanishes behind the moon, altering Yokeh's life forever.Credits:Producer: EscautvilleCo-producer: CaSk Films, Netwerk AalstAssociate producer: Pieternel VermoortelSupported by VAF, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, KANAL - Centre Pompidou, Jester, Beursschouwburg, Taxipalais Kunsthalle Tirol, Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Directed by: Lucile Desamory
Screenplay: Damien Desamory
Composer & Sound Design: Nicholas Bussmann
Editing: Sophie Watzlawick
Main actors: Joke Devynck, Jeroen Van der Ven
Voice over: Tania Van der Sanden
Director of Photography: Artur Castro Freire
Camera assistance: Laure Massiet
Line producer: Monica Fierlafijn
Regie assistance: Eva Maria Bouillon
Stage productie: June Rauschenberger
Sound engineer: Kwinten Van Laethem
Makeup: Marie ColetDecor: Johan van der Maat, Liam Singelyn, Laurent Trezegnies
Costum: Lucile Desamory
Props: Elia Claessen
Editing assistance: Séverine De Streyker
Visual effects: Luc Lavault

Cottbusser Chor & Nicholas Bussmann:
Arabische Zahlen

we are happy to show a new performance presented by YELLOW SOLO
please join us on:
Saturday 20.4.2024 20:00
entrance 8-12€

Solidarität, wie eine Qualle im Meer 

Poster 80 x 120  Injet printing & stencils lettering

Nicholas Bussmann’s contribution  to the exhibition : “Du bist dran” at Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol Innsbruck 24.2.-14.4.2024

Angebot: “Waldesrauschen 5050,-€ brutto

Nicholas Bussmann

8 channel audio installation within the exhibition Wälder at Deutsches Romantik Museum Frankfurt. 
16.03. – 11.08.2024


Nicholas Bussmann
solo show
curated by Pedro Rocha
Museu Serralves Porto 2024

photo: Filipe Braga
Nicholas Bussmann 
a trap 2024

live for a past
die for a future
burn for a now
live for a future
die for a now
burn for a past
live for a now
die for a past
burn for a future

Wandering Dunes 002

Wandering Dunes 002
Exhibition & Performance 
Museu Serralves Porto / Portugal 2018
curated by Pedro Rocha

Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Nicholas Bussmann
Singing Yesterday’s News Again

Installation with 7 channel audio, installation view Berlin 2021

The installation is based on a radio project for the ducumenta14 radio at SAVVY Contemporary 2018. The Installation has been commisioned by Taxispalais Kunhalle Tirol. 
Taxispalais Kunsthalle Tirol 2018
Beirut Art Center 2019
Goethe Institut Paris 2019
Kunstverein Tiergarten 2021

Nicholas Bussmann – Kosmoskopien

HKW Berlin 2021
curated by Anselm Franke

read curatorial statement by Anselm Franke at

Wandering Dunes Installation with players & performers
photos Sebastian Bolesch
photos Sebastian Bolesch
photos Sebastian Bolesch
Wandering Dunes is an installation, it is a performance and it is a game. The game may be played by the visitors. These figures in sands are moments of the game in transition created by visitors/players. More information on this ongoing project you will find here
Dachs Kirsche Schuh 2021 
a mobilé

Gouache paintings of the clouds: Lucile Desamory
Technical realisation: Michael Haarmann
Revolution Songs in an AI Environment 2018    
installation with a piano robot and scrolling text LEDs

piano robot by Winfried Ritsc

photos: Laura Fiorio photos: Sebastian Bolesch

Cottbusser Chor

Lucile Desamory
Yusuf Ergün
Margareth Kammer
Laura Mello
Eduard Mont de Palol
Rico Repotente
Aaron Snyder

The Cottbusser Chor is a vocal ensemble and performance group. It has been in existence since the beginning of 2014. The singers of the ensemble speak 13 languages and come from different musical contexts. The algorithm-based compositions in which the choir specializes preserve this diversity. - It is precisely this audibility of languages, gestures, accents and accentuations that is the choir's strength. Since its foundation with the premiere of "The News Blues", the choir has given concerts at Maerzmusik Berlin 2016, Hangar Bicocca Milan 2016, for documenta14 Radio 2017, among others. "The News Blues" became "The News Trilogy" with further parts "Major News / Minor News" and "Secret News" . We blew up the choir to a band: "Kopiergruppe" is a musical neighbourhood project at SAVVY Contemporary & Zeitzone in 2019, an open structure to process musical donations. In the run-up to the concerts we asked pedestrians for musical donations, This little recordings were being copied by the choir The copies of the donations were meshed into a medley during the show. The group plays also an important role for the Wandering Dunes as a performance. The group took part of all three iterations in Innsbruck, Porto & Berlin

The group was also involved in three film scores for "Miete essen Seele auf" by Angelika Levi Arte 2016 Weitermachen Sanssouci by Max Linz / Berlinale 2018. and the upcoming film by Max Linz.
T–p records / Austria & Subjam / China have released an album Digital and on Vinyl  on bandcamp



2019 Savvy Contemporary Berlin-Wedding
Galerie Zeitzone Berlin-Kreuzberg

The News Trilogy

between 2014 and 2017 Nicholas Bussmann and the Cottbusser Chor developed algorithms how to sing the news. These algorithms where bundled in The News Trilogy. The News Trilogy was first performed for documenta 14 radio SAVVY Funk at Savvy Contemporary.
I The News Blues
II Major News / Minor News
III Secret News

photo:Sebastian BoleschCottbusser Chor The News Trilogy as part of Wandering Dunes at HKW Berlin 2021    

Nicholas Bussmann & Cottbusser Chor – Vorahnungen

For Vorahnungen we ask friends, writers, artists to make us a small text or poem in a language we do not understand. One of us learns these words by heart to teach them during the concert to the others and transform it into music. So far we have sung lyrics by Miya Yoshida - Japanese, Farkhondeh Shahroudi – Farsi, Vinit Agarwal – Hindi & Mewati, Jasmina Al Qaisi – Romanian, Yan Jun – Chinese, Haytham El Wardany – Arabic, Pavel Braila – Romanian, Konstantin Schimanowski – Russian, Jia Chen Xu – Chinese, Mikhail Lylov – Russian, Shadi Habib Allah – Arabic

うまさうな 雪がふうはり ふわりかな

寒念仏 さては貴殿で ありしよな

これがまあ 終のすみかか 雪五尺

雪国の 雪もちよぼちよぼ 残りけり

雪とけて 町一ぱいの 子どもかな

春風や 牛に引かれて 善光寺

傘に べたりとつきし 桜かな

竹にいざ 梅にいざとや 親雀

すずめの子 そこのけそこのけ お馬が通る
やせ蛙 負けるな一茶 これにあり

悠然と して山を見る 蛙かな

やれ打つな はえが手をする 足をする

あさら井や 小魚と遊ぶ 心太

朝顔や 人の顔には そつがある

開帳に 逢ふや雀も おや子連れ

あまり鳴いて 石になるなよ 猫の恋

蚊一つの 一日さはぐ 枕哉

昼の蚊や だまりこくつて 後から

working note 01
// small crowd

The Cottbusser Chor is by German definition not a choir, seven singers are too few for that. Yet seven are just enough to get out of the dynamics of small constellations: Duo, Trio, Quartet.
Seven people is the smallest crowd !The Cottbusser Chor, as a small crowd, claims to represent a social orders.
But is it even possible to make music together in front of an audience and not represent a social order ?
Is it even possible to hear the sound of music and not perceive it as a higher order of existence ?

Maybe music always evokes an existing or desired social order, from marches to love songs, from liturgical chants to revolutionary songs. It often plays a double game, for example the lyrics of many revolutionary songs invoke a new order, while the music performatively confirms the old.

How should the musicians and the audience be organized today so that they can imagine new forms of society?